Monday, 9 January 2017

What to Do With That Vacant Outdoor Space

Whether you are by yourself or with a crowd, an outdoor space is a refreshing area of your home that breathes new life into your day.  Your outdoor space can either be a place to relax or just hang with your family or friends. The following are ideas you can do to update and liven that outdoor space you just don’t know what to do with:

Green Wall

If you have outdoor space that doesn’t have much room for a garden, add some greenery to your wall with the addition of several types of plants and moss. Especially if you live in an urban area, this greenery will create a pop of earthy color that will liven the area.

Baskets and Plants

Have a plain fence? Why not add a basket or two and some plants with a pop of color? Some color and greenery in an antique basket will create just the right touch over a solid colored fence. Bring your personality into the flowers and colors.

Unique Irrigation System

Want a unique style for watering your plants?  Cover your misting or irrigation system with wood to hide the metal.  If you are looking for more of an earthy feel for your space, adding wood will create a great theme with the plants and greenery.

Italian Features

If you enjoy Italian architecture and need an idea to transform your space, add stucco to your walls with cast iron features around an outdoor fireplace. A combination of brick and stone along with large ceramic vases will add the Italian countryside look you are looking for.

Have an outdoor area that looks like a prison? Use some mortar or stucco to add texture to look like an Italian vacation. Warm yellows, reds, and oranges will add just the right amount of Tuscan feel for that dead outdoor space.

Ocean View

If you have an excellent ocean view, take advantage of your outdoor space by adding furniture you and your guests can relax on. After eating dinner at your outdoor table, you can relax on a couch and enjoy your waves in view.

Pop of Color

If your space is not much of an inviting area because of boring color, add a bright color to your walls to bring a fun feel. Add some wood shelving and potted plants to your area to add even more décor.

Cottage Style

Have a wall that is an eyesore? Use those outdoor elements to your advantage by hanging greenery in baskets and a pergola to bring attention to the wood and plants. Adding some cobblestone or even certain types of brick will add to this style.

Color Your Urban World

In your urban outdoor space, add some color in your dining area by adding colored panels inside wood as a semi-privacy wall.  A colorful table runner and some greenery in pots will add the perfect touch to your empty urban space.

Adding to Your Water Fountain

If you have a waterfall or a water fountain, add some texture by adding glass to shine at the edge of your wall. Lights under the water will also create a nice pop of crystal water in your outdoor area.


Outdoor space should be enjoyed. Use these creativedecorative tips to refresh your specific and unique outdoor area that needs new life. After your hard work, sit back, relax, and breathe the fresh air.

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